Dark and Moody Inspiration Shoot in Italian Garden

Last year we were thinking about doing a new photoshoot, but we didn’t wanted it to be like the other shoots we had already done. This time, we wanted it to be a bit darker, moody and blend it with deeper colours, like dark red. We all thought it was a great idea, so we started to make a plan. We began by finding a location were we could really bring this photoshoot to life. It ended up by us choosing Villa Agape, a beautiful villa in Florence with a gorgeous Italian garden. From that moment, we started to look for the right flowers, decoration, dress, model and food. The flowers consisted out of this beautiful mix up of tulips, peonies, anemone, sea holly, fritillaria and many more. The bouquet was filled with the most gorgeous dark colours and stood out against the white dress our model was wearing. For the table, we picked a long floral garland that would drop all the way down to the floor. This garland was filled with Sea holly, red roses, red and white peonies and fritillaria. We wanted the decoration to compliment the flowers and not take all the spotlight. The small grey candles added a softer touch to the dark colours on the table and the black candles in bronze holders were beautiful next to the flowers and gave a more rustic look to the photos. We added some blue plates and the end results were stunning. We also had a gorgeous layered cake in different shades of pink. Once we placed it on the table, filled with all the dark colours, it looked amazing. The cake looked like a rose, due to all the layers and had golden edges, which made it even more beautiful. Our model was wearing an A-line dress from Pronovias, with beadings on her waist and long sleeves. Her make-up was light and not to heavy and most beautiful half flower crown was placed in her hair. The food needed to have the same dark effect and that ended up looking perfect. The photoshoot took place in the garden and lemon house. We were in luck, due to the lemon house having this old, mysterious look. This really brought something extra in to the pictures and we are really happy how they turned out. All by all, it was an amazing day and the people who were involved were all so creative and it was a pleasure to work with them. We are happy and pleased to show you the end result.

Wedding Photographer in TuscanyFunkyBird Photography | Wedding Florist in Tuscany: FunkyBird Wedding Design | Wedding Planning in TuscanyTrouwen in Toscane Planning: Valentina Galli | Wedding Venue in FlorenceVilla Agape | Wedding Dress: Pronovias | Wedding Dress Boutique: Sogno di Sposa Firenze | Wedding Hair Style and Make up: Lara Navarrini | Model AgencyEsprit Management | Model: Beatrice Falcucci | Catering: Novelle Cousine | Cake: DOLCI Passioni di Simona Sgrilli | Desserts Creations: Romina

Romantic Bridal Shoot in Historical Tuscan Villa

How can anyone resist working in a place where the famous Mona Lisa was born! Yes I am talking about the mysteriously smiling woman portrayed by Leonardo da Vinci. The surroundings you see from the terrace are the ones depicted on the background of that same famous painting.

As a wedding photographer in Tuscany I have privilege to visit nice amount of wedding locations and one of the locations is Villa Vignamaggio. I was really amazed with this beautiful Tuscan Villa, so I had this location in mind for photoshoot for quite some time but we somehow never got round to organising something here. When we finally did contact them they were so incredibly enthusiastic and on the day itself did seriously everything to accommodate our needs, that I consider this the best photoshoot experience yet.  

So on this sunny day we headed out with an entire team of experts to Villa Vignamaggio and did some seriously romantic stuff. Luscious creamy peonies and white o’hara roses were main choice for Sonja from FunkyBird Wedding Design and really complimented the uber-romantic wedding dress by Regina Schrecker which was shown in New York Bridal Week 2015 as a part of the new collection. 

Thanks to the wonderful kitchen and home supply shop Bartolini Firenze we managed to get our hands on a Vera Wang dinner set and real golden cutlery from Cristofle - Jardin d' Eden Collection. So a BIG thank you to them for trusting us with such delicate table ware. 

We all really had a lot of fun that day and I hope everyone’s efforts shines through. Can’t wait to do the next one!

People who were involved in photoshoot:

Photography: Milos Dokmanovic - FunkyBird Photography

Flowers and Design: Sonja de Graaf - FunkyBird Wedding Design

Venue: Villa Vignamaggio

Model: Sara Biondi - Esprit Management Firenze  

Wedding Dress: Regina Schrecker  

Hair: Essential Mix  

Make-up: Marta Vannucci  

Tableware: Bartolini Firenze  

Plates and Glasses: Vera Wang 

Cutlery: Cristofle

 Shoes: Twin Set  

Jewellery: Silvia Nesti  

Stationeries: FunkyBird Photography 

Cake: Dolce Lab  

Assistant Stylist: Marina Holma

Bridal Inspiration and Boudoir Shoot in Tuscany

wedding photographer in tuscany

Being a wedding photographer in Tuscany is a dream job and I have been lucky to be able to work on such a lovely photo shoot. For this one I tried to capture dreamy 'Wedding in Tuscany' inspired vintage photos of 'the bride to' be who, while she is waiting for her groom, is going trough three phases. First she is dreaming about the perfect wedding day, then worrying if everything is going to be as she dreamt, and finally fun and joy when she realises that her dreams are going to come true and her heart is going to be full filled

One of the most beautiful parts of the year in Tuscany Italy is spring, where everything comes alive and all flowers start blossoming... We have been lucky to be on such a special wedding venue in Tuscany in Residenza San Leo which is a beautiful place for taking photographs. Wherever i looked, there was something interesting and pretty which I wanted to incorporate in the photographs. I wish i can somehow capture the incredible smell of rosemary flowers into my photographs. I have been also very lucky working with such a creative group of people who brought whole fairy-tale alive.

I would like to thank the following people who have been involved in this beautiful Wedding in Tuscany inspired vintage bridal photo shoot: Planing and organisation: Sonja de Graaf, FunkyBird Wedding Design, Styling: Roos van der Wielen, Trouwen in Toscane, Beautiful Wedding Flowers: FunkyBird Wedding Design , Model: Iulia, Esprit Model Management , Make up and Hair: Lara Navarrini  , Jewellery: Martina Loncar , Bridal Dress: 95metriquadri , Location: Residenza San Leo , Special Thanks for help to: Letizia, Valentina, Veronica, Patrizia and Marina.

All photographs © 2015 and taken by Milos Dokmanovic FunkyBird Photography